Nimonik Self-Inspection Application

Nimonik Self-Inspection Application

RNW provides employers with the necessary technology and auditing tools to help maintain a standard of safety and compliance. Our Nimonik Self-Inspection application provides a fully functional interface that has been customized for use in the evaluation of storage racking. Click to view instructions on how to use Nimonik on an Android or Apple device.

Why Use Nimonik for Routine Inspections?

  1. Operational Excellence - Nimonik allows companies, both large and small, to achieve levels of operational efficiency that would otherwise not be possible.
  2. Ease of Use - Simple, intuitive design enables Nimonik to provide improved production while simultaneously reducing errors.
  3. Managing EHS - Nimonik audits ensures compliance with environmental, health and safety responsibilities.
  4. Incident Management - Nimonik’s detailed protocols provide a fast, accurate method for recording and assessing all relevant damages.
  5. Support - Nimonik generates, edits and hosts reports that are reviewed by the highly skilled engineers at RNW.

With this application, clients can generate professional-grade reports after conducting internal routine inspections. CertiRack also offers Inspection Barcode Stickers which can be used to locate and describe all inspection items and enable straight-forward certified repairs. Click here to purchase labels and stickers.


Maintaining a facility that meets all safety standards can be made easy by using this application, provided by RNW.