Guarding & Repair Products

Guarding & Repair Products

CertiRack Guarding Products

RNW provides customers with quality products to ensure a safe work environment for all. In high risk areas, it is important for facilities to install damage-resisting guards that help reduce the risk of structural damage and failure. These products offer many benefits:

  • Damage Resistance – High quality construction to stand-up to the rigors of high traffic warehouse facilities, such as impact from lift trucks and pallet jacks.
  • High Visibility Yellow – Our products stand out, alerting operators of high-risk, high-traffic areas that are potentially dangerous.
  • Reduced Risk – Structural damages / failures and the related costs are reduced in well-guarded facilities.
  • Versatility – Our products, such as the Dock, the Boot Pal and the Rack Pal are designed for use in almost all types of common racking.
  • Ease of Installation – CertiRack Guarding Products are designed to fit overtop of existing rack. Many can be installed in just minutes!

CertiRack Repair Products

Damaged rack? Our repair products are designed to restore your racks to their original condition – or even better! Repairing is often the better option than replacing in the great majority of damages due to:


  • Increased Strength – Repaired parts are often restored to a level better than their original condition.
  • Versatility – Repairs can be carried out on almost any type of racking (replacement parts are often not available for older or less common types of racking).
  • Lead-Times – Repairs can almost always be carried out quicker than replacements (which are often delayed due to waiting around for replacement parts to arrive).
  • Environmentally Responsible – No disposal of existing parts means less waste ends up in our landfills.


Our CertiRack repair and guarding products provide all the necessary protection to ensure worker safety as well as compliance with government safety regulations. For further information or to order products from RNW, please email Brent Lawrence.


Some examples of the CertiRack guarding and repair products include:

Rack Pal

Guardingjpg_Page3_Image4Guardingjpg_Page3_Image6Rack Pall protects rack in high traffic areas such as corners and tunnels from accidental contact with lift trucks and pallets.

Brace Cap


This method of repair restores a damaged brace to its original condition. The heavy duty shell caps and reinforces the brace to restore its capacity.

Boot Pal



The boot will offer you protection against accidental forklift contact for the bottom of the post.