Cost-Benefit Analysis

Cost Benefit Analysis

The Costs

Although the cost of an expert inspection varies with the size and amount / type of rack in the facility, the cost is often comparable to what your business might be paying annually to have fire extinguishers checked or to have entryway carpets cleaned.


The Benefits

Expert inspections, especially when combined with staff training, has been shown to increase safety awareness and significantly reduce future damages - and the resultant cost of repairing those damages. Fewer damages make for a much safer workplace. When expert annual inspections are combined with routine monthly inspections (conducted internally), the liability exposure for company managers is greatly reduced. The risks of a major disruption to your business (replacing damaged inventory, lost sales during remediation, redirected manpower, etc.) would also decrease dramatically.


An expert inspection is an investment in the safety of your workers - and in the long-term health of your business.