Our Services


Expert Inspections:​​​

If your staff aren’t trained to identify structural problems that result from damage or improper loading, your racks may be unsafe. RNW has a large roster of expert inspectors that will visit your site, assess and report on the condition of your racks and will identify any operating practices that may be unsafe.


Pre-Start Health & Safety Reviews:

Pre-Start Health & Safety Reviews (PSR or PSHR) are a requirement of Section 7 of Regulation 851 (Industrial Establishments). With this regulation now in full force, you need to protect ​​yourself, your company, and your e​​mployees by ensuring your storage racks are in compliance with the requirements of the Occupational Health & Safety Act. RNW's professional engineers can also guide your team through the (often complex) municipal permits application process.


Building Permits:

RNW's professional engineers guide you through the building permit process and prepare and submit all necessary documentation on your behalf. The primary issues that are addressed include the structural capacity of the floor slab, fire protection system, egress and exiting planning and emergency lighting and illuminated exit signs. 


CertiRack Guarding & Repair Products:​​

RNW provides customers with quality products to ensure a safe work environment for all. In high risk areas or high traffic areas, it is important for facilities to install damage-resisting guards that help reduce the risk of structural damage and failure.​


Training Seminars:​​

Training includes development of procedures for rack inspection and maintenance, and provides the methodology for providing concise an​d accurate reports with minimal effort. All methods are proven and based on our experience as being rack inspectors. Take control, and have internal staff inspect rack and perform repairs as necessary. The training is based on the requirements and content of the upcoming rack standard CSA A344.1, Specification & Use of Industrial Storage Racks.​​


Nimonik Self-Inspection Application: RNW provides employers with the necessary technology and auditing tools to help maintain a standard of safety and compliance. Our Nimonik Inspection application provides a fully functional interface that has been customized for use in the evaluation of storage racking.