Our Team

Our Team

Tony Mulholland


Tony has over 30 years of professional engineering experience and is a specialist in the field of storage systems engineering and is the Principle Engineer of Rack Net-Works.

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Al Kh​an​

​P. Eng.

Al has worked in the field of storage systems engineering since he graduated from Ryerson University with a degree in Civil Engineering. He brings experience and enthusiasm to all of his projects.

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Brian Pallant

P. Eng.

Brian has many years of professional engineering experience and is one of the newest members of our team. He is a veteran engineer and has worked for rack manufacturers in the past.

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Hatem Saleh

​P. Eng.

Hatem has more than 10 years experience in engineering, project management, structural design analysis, Pre-Start Health and Safety Reviews, and forensic investigations.​

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​Michael Somodi

​P. Eng., MBA

Michael graduated from U of T in mechanical engineering and soon began engineering control systems and materials handling automation systems.

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Motasem Al-Khalifa​​


Motasem has over 24 years experience​ in mechanical engineering including 15 years experience in the field of storage rack systems; Motasem joined Rack Net-Works in 2007.​

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Vahid Abbasi

​P. Eng.

Vahid graduated from Joseph Fourier University in France in mechanical engineering. He continued his PhD at Laval University. He is stationed in Laval, Quebec and is an member of our Quebec team.

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Brian Miller


Brian is our engineer for western Canada. He graduated from Ryerson University and his experience includes several years in the material handling industry.

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Jason Chin


Jason graduated from Dalhousie University with a degree in mechanical engineering. He has 5 years experience working with Rack Net-Works on PSR's and damage inspections.

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Joseph Sharivker

​B. Eng.

Jospeh has more than 20 years experience in the materials handling industry and holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the former Soviet Union.

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Ramez Midani


Ramez has been an engineer for more than 20 years in many jurisdictions. He is becoming registered as a professional engineer. Ramez​ is bilingual and serves clients in Quebec.​

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Brian Rusciolelli​​

​B.A. Hon.

Brian graduated from Laurier University with an Honours B.A. and joined RNW in 2012. Brian travels wherever RNW takes him, especially to the East Coast and the United-States.​

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Ian Monteith​


Ian has worked in the storage industry for 33 years and has overseen installation of complex systems. He travels for RNW, especially the to East Coast and the U.S.​

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Peter Aleung


Peter has been a designer and service specialist for conveyors for more than​ 20 years. He has also developed skill and knowledge of rack inspecting.

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Brent Lawrence

Operations Manager

Brent has over 15 years of warehouse management experience and is a specialist in the field of storage systems and is a key member os RNW's support staff.

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