Rack Compliance

RNW helps companies maintain a standard of safety and compliance in their warehouses. The Ontario Health and Safety Regulation and CSA Standard A344 have recently updated their regulations, stating that companies must conduct expert rack inspections:

  1. Act – Section 9 (26) – The workplace must be inspected
  2. Act – Section 5.1 – Workers must be trained to inspect the racks (see A344)
  3. Act – Section 25 – Equipment must be maintained in good condition
  4. Regulation 851 – Section 7 – The capacity of racks must be established by a professional engineer

To comply with the current standards, the following annual compliance cycle should be followed:

Our company offers everything that you need to ensure compliance:

  1. Expert inspections (CSA A344)
  2. Capacity evaluations and PSR’s
  3. Racking system design and drawings
  4. Building permits including slab analysis
  5. CertiRack repairs – individually certified
  6. CertiRack guards and inspections tools

After completing the cycle, our engineers will post a sign that informs labour inspectors and employees that the racks have been reviewed by the engineers at RNW. The sign also provides the necessary information of how to obtain a copy of the report by email.